About us

I'm Anny. I help Minneapolis homes and businesses stay in top clean condition

Any’s Cleaning Services has stood for reliability, commitment, quality, and service since Day number one. Our Leadership team brings several years of industry knowledge with the mindset of seeing the bigger picture, and the know-how to determine the best possible approach. Any’s Cleaning has combined this mastery with the drive to deliver maximum results that goes beyond sales, developing strategic end to end tailored solutions.


– Commitment to the client

– Excellence

– Integrity

– Teamwork


Our mission is to provide the highest quality services by exceeding our customers expectations. We strive to create clean and enjoyable environments where performance can thrive. We achieve this by establishing partnerships with customers, staff and stakeholders and working together to achieve shared goals.


We believe that everyone has the right to consistently live and work in a clean, safe and pleasant environment. Through our commitment to excellence and continued investment in our people and company culture, we aim to become the leading brand name within the commercial and residential cleaning industry across the country.